Transport Manager CPC

We offer various training opportunities for transport office related training.

Operator licence awareness training – This course is perfect for planners and whilst we can test your knowledge there is no official exam or qualification attached to this course. The OLAT course focuses on compliance within the transport industry and the importance of being legal , Compliant whilst also being efficient. dates of upcoming courses will be posted when available.

Transport Manager Refresher course
Like every job , Continual professional development is a must to ensure you are on top of any changes.

Level 3 Certificate of professional Competence for Transport Managers
If you want to be named on an operators licence then this is the minimum qualification that can be considered. There are various examination bodies who can grant this qualification and can be sat remotely using a computer with a Webcam or classroom based with pen and paper. We can offer the training for these courses are we are in the process of setting up our own testing centre although there is currently no date in stone.

What is our experience ?
All our staff have had a long standing in the transport industry, All of which have been registered as instructors with at least 1 National or International training or Logistics company. Before setting up we were employed by one of Scotlands longest standing training companies doing exactly what we do now. We may be a new company but we bring Decades of experience to the table.